Sent off three chapters today, so that’s exciting 🙂 I admit, this one is going slowly, probably because it’s a transition book. I’ve never written a transition story before, so I haven’t *quite* gotten down the nuances and the flow of it. Plus, I want to make sure that it’s the best that I can write, and not just put out sub-standard fair, which the last manuscript WAS.

I just wanted to drop a line, give ya’ll updates, let you know that I’m still plugging away at Magick! Oh, there is so much more I know I wanted to say, but I totally forgot what it was. Something wise and motivational, but for the life of me, I can’t recall it. Oh, the vagaries of getting older!


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Frustrations and positivity

I know. Those two don’t go together very well. And its frustrating on both sides of the fence; readers want the next book in the trilogy and I want to publish it. Magick has been read by two editors, and both have made the same suggestions to make it better. When the first editor read it, and made the suggestions, I was a little indignant and wanted a second opinion. So I sent it out to another editor. And my best friend. The other editor came back with almost identical suggestions, and my best friend was succint: it’s not your best work. That’s why she’s my best friend. So I am currently rewriting the entire second half of the book. I admit, I got caught up in all the fun and exciting aspects of writing and publishing, getting good reviews, and I rushed Magick. Eternity had 8 drafts before it was published. Choices had 7. Magick had 2 complete drafts. Not a recipe for an excellent book.

On to the positive part! You can be assured that once Magick is published, it will be worthy of your time, and not just thrown together to get it out there. I’m sorry if I am taking a long time to do this; remember, I am not a full-time writer-I have a full-time job, a son, a husband, go to school, and run a household, so I write about 10 hours a week if I’m lucky. I promise you though, Magick will be awesome and well worth the wait 🙂 Teagan wants you to read her story, and she is quite persistent!



Bad news- Magick won’t be released on December 17th unless my editor can work miracles. After a month of strep-throat, bronchitis, Thanksgiving, and an upper-respiratory infection that wouldn’t go away (the whole frickin house was sick…), I managed to squeek through the last 10K words on Magick, but it is going to take heavy revisions. I followed that old addage of “it doesn’t matter what you write, just write”. Eh, that’s a double-edged sword. I don’t really like where the story went, but as we all know, characters and flow have a way of taking on a life of their own. I will have to see what my editor says.

walking-dead-internment-zombieWhat my house looked like after a month of illness

Good news- Magick is finished- at least until the red pen comes back. I’m hoping it will only be delayed a month (fingers crossed!). In the meantime, I’m starting to read it today so I can try to anticipate what my editor comes back with and be pro-active! As much as anyone can be pro-active through a Nyquil hangover. Anyway, I digress. I have a month of light work ahead of me, so that’s plenty of time to get Magick polished and off for publishing. Then it’s on to Solstice, Harley and Damien’s story, and that’s going to be a doosie! Stayed tuned for updates! And maybe some little tidbits 🙂

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It all began…(spoilers)

So, I had my vampire, but I needed his mate. What kind of woman would attract a vampire? Quirky ingenue? Brunette bombshell? Nah, not my girl. I wanted a brainy, independent loner who was absorbed by her career. A woman who had no need for male companionship.  A woman consumed by finding an answer.

Gareth was already working on XP in my mind, so I thought to myself that this was the best way to bring them together. Through research. But why was Anna searching so hard for a cure for XP? Because her mother had XP and died from it. And then other tragic things happened. I don’t want to give it all away…

Anna is young, she’s self-sufficient, but she is essentially a hermit. She has no friends, by her own choice, she doesn’t have long-lasting relationships, and she never opens herself up to experiences. She loves the lab, loves the research, and loves the act of discovery, although she has no desire for the spotlight.

She’s pretty much isolated herself, so the thing that breaks her out of that shell had to be pretty amazing. Especially since she wasn’t looking to move out of her comfort zone. To me, only love and instant attraction can burst that bubble!

I hope you enjoy Gareth and Anna’s story, because they are wonderful people to get to know! More on the rest of the trilogy later…

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Buy Eternity by following the link below!


I have been away too long! Things got a little crazy there for a bit, with animals going to the vet and bringing a new puppy home, and trying to get some work done on Choices AND Magick…I just didn’t have the time! Can I not just skip sleep? If I could skip sleep and drink copious amounts of coffee, I’d be ok!

So I’m introducing a new character into the Immortals and Magick Trilogy, and he will be introduced in the third book. His name is Jaryth….well, I can’t give you his last name because I don’t believe in spoilers! Let’s just say he’s another vampire in Padraigan’s arsenal, but has close ties to one of the gang.

emo vamp

Jaryth is just your typical teenage vampire who is a couple of centuries old- he’s a little emo, a little tortured, and favors skinny jeans. But Jaryth has a secret, and things are not as they seem…

Stay tuned for more updates on Magick, Choices, Blood Moon, and many more!

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Just a little taste…

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