Sent off three chapters today, so that’s exciting 🙂 I admit, this one is going slowly, probably because it’s a transition book. I’ve never written a transition story before, so I haven’t *quite* gotten down the nuances and the flow of it. Plus, I want to make sure that it’s the best that I can write, and not just put out sub-standard fair, which the last manuscript WAS.

I just wanted to drop a line, give ya’ll updates, let you know that I’m still plugging away at Magick! Oh, there is so much more I know I wanted to say, but I totally forgot what it was. Something wise and motivational, but for the life of me, I can’t recall it. Oh, the vagaries of getting older!


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Bad news- Magick won’t be released on December 17th unless my editor can work miracles. After a month of strep-throat, bronchitis, Thanksgiving, and an upper-respiratory infection that wouldn’t go away (the whole frickin house was sick…), I managed to squeek through the last 10K words on Magick, but it is going to take heavy revisions. I followed that old addage of “it doesn’t matter what you write, just write”. Eh, that’s a double-edged sword. I don’t really like where the story went, but as we all know, characters and flow have a way of taking on a life of their own. I will have to see what my editor says.

walking-dead-internment-zombieWhat my house looked like after a month of illness

Good news- Magick is finished- at least until the red pen comes back. I’m hoping it will only be delayed a month (fingers crossed!). In the meantime, I’m starting to read it today so I can try to anticipate what my editor comes back with and be pro-active! As much as anyone can be pro-active through a Nyquil hangover. Anyway, I digress. I have a month of light work ahead of me, so that’s plenty of time to get Magick polished and off for publishing. Then it’s on to Solstice, Harley and Damien’s story, and that’s going to be a doosie! Stayed tuned for updates! And maybe some little tidbits 🙂

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I need your opinion!

So, I’ve been REALLY busy. I mean, REALLY REALLY busy. I get up at 5 (or maybe 6 if I hit snooze enough times), get my son out of bed, walk the dog, throw breakfast together, then I’m out the door for work. I get home around 5-ish, make dinner, check homework, kiss hubby…sounds like a normal day, right? For a lot of women, it IS a normal day. Not so me. After I kiss the hubby and hug the son, I’m either out the door to do school work, or I’m out the door to find a place to write or promote (which I haven’t been doing so that I could just write). 6 days a week. On Sunday, I don’t rest; that’s when I’m washing clothes, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, etc etc ad nauseum. I DID choose this life for myself, that is true, but now I am exhausted. I have to give up something.

I am NOT giving up writing. I refuse!

I also don’t want to give up school; it’s a dream of mine to finally finish my college education. That just leaves the full-time job, because I obviously can’t give up my husband and son! So, I’m going to submit Magick on Pubslush, a crowdfunding platform for authors. No, I am not soliciting donations (although I wouldn’t turn them down!) but I need to build my profile on there before I can start my campaign, which will hopefully lead to enough money that I can take 6-8 months off work so that I can devote a full 8 hours a day to writing, and maybe get some down-time to boot.  One of the things that I need is 3 images that represent Magick, the book. Now, I know that no one has read Magick, but if you read Eternity, then you definitely know the characters in Magick-Teagan and Noah- and I need images that best describe them. I’ve been scouring Google for hours now, giving up precious writing time, and I just can’t find anything that I am happy with.

This is where YOU come in. Send me images you think would represent Magick, and if I pick your images, you will receive an advanced copy of Magick before it gets published! You can either send me a link in the comment section below, or drop me an email at I can’t wait to hear from you and see all the images that you’ll pick! Good luck! Okay, I’m off to write some more before bedtime.


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The heat is on!

“Teagan! Damn it, wake up!”

I was being shaken, hard, and my eyes snapped open to find Noah on top of me, straddling my waist. He was peering down at me, concern and consternation clouding his deep blue eyes.

My head was muddled, and I couldn’t seem to focus on anything in particular. My gaze traveled jerkily around the room, looking for Padraigan, although on some level I knew he wasn’t there.  The encompassing fear that had flooded through me was slowly draining away and I looked at Noah where he was perched on top of me.

“I saw him.” I whispered, my teeth chattering from a nasty case of the shakes.

His gaze sharpened and he brought his hands up to frame my face, his grasp gentle.

“Who did you see, Teagan?” His voice was a harsh whisper that was at complete odds with the tenderness of his hands.

“Padraigan. He was…was feeding.” I managed to gag out, and Noah reacted to the horror in my voice by pulling me up and wrapping his arms around me, pressing my head to his warm chest. I told myself that it was because I was cold and scared, not for any other reason did I burrow into him, my shaking arms circling his back and holding on tight.

“Were you dreaming or seeing?” His breath stirred the hair on top of my head, and it was blessedly warm, unlike Padraigan’s icy breath.

“I thought I was dreaming, but it was so real. I could see his wound from Damien closing itself up, as if the blood was making it heal faster than normal. I mean, a werewolf bite takes them forever to heal, even a shallow one, right?” I felt his nod his head as he rocked me slowly, trying to calm my nerves. It was so nice to have someone comfort me, even if it was Noah. I drew strength from him, from his warmth, and before I knew it, I was calm again. He kept holding me, but he had stopped rocking me.

“Um, Noah, I’m okay now. You can let go.” I pulled back, but he moved his hands back to frame my face, his eyes searching mine. If he kept staring at me like that, I would quickly put an end to this temporary truce. He had my heart racing with something other than the fear that had gripped me, and my blood was fast reaching boiling point.

“Teagan.” His voice was a whisper and I shook my head mutely, willing him to back away before he ruined everything. If he had just left it at calming me, I could have maybe revised my opinion of him.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered before his mouth came down on mine.

Power is out….

Here I sit in the dark, patiently waiting for the power to come back on, hoping the last of my battery lasts long enough to keep me sane till it comes back on. School work needs to be done, and apparently Teagan is eager to tell her story since she hacked my blog. Hope everyone enjoyed her little word-vomit about Noah 🙂

So now that the free promotion is over for Choices, its time to get back to work writing! I head back to work on Magick this weekend, and I’m also going to finish work on another book that I started a long time ago called Fear. Here’s a little taste, enjoy!


Chapter One


 If I run far enough, he won’t find me. The thought ran through her head like a mantra, eclipsing all the doubts that tried to cram their way into her brain. Fear, so potent it was almost tangible, was her constant companion, ruling her actions and driving her paranoia. Every stranger who looked her way, or brushed by her as she emerged from a public restroom, was sent by him, trying to find her. Emma Lucas was on her own and running from a nightmare.

She had left Nashville, Tennessee before dawn, throwing only clothes and her dog, Bridger, in the truck. She stopped briefly at an ATM to withdraw some cash to get started, furtively glancing over her shoulders, knowing he had to sleep sometime, didn’t he? Or was he following her, watching her every move?

She made Kansas City by 2 pm, breaking most speeding laws, and pulled into a branch of her bank to take out the rest of her hard earned money that she had saved and scrimped for over the last four years. The money from the divorce settlement was tied up in IRA’s and annuities. She didn’t have time to close them out. She had to do everything spur-of-the-moment; the last time she ran she had tried to plan it, and he had found her.

She cursed him, loud and long.  Damn him, she had made a life in Nashville! Her career as a respected horse trainer was taking off, affording her a nice little house in the country, and he had ruined it, all because he thought he owned her.

They had been married 8 years before he changed. Eight good years, and he had never given any indication of the rage and evil that was in him. He had been controlling, that was true, but at the time she had just thought he had her best interests in mind. He guided her career as an environmentalist, telling her where she should work, how much money she should ask for. He allowed her the hobby of training horses, but only for friends. She never thought anything of it. Her father had been a controlling man too.

The first night he had abused her had come out of nowhere. It had been over something so trivial and stupid. She had gone to dinner with a male co-worker from her firm, and was out late. Nothing had happened, in fact the man was gay, but Tyler Cole reacted out of proportion.

When she had walked in the door, he was waiting, and the first thing she knew was the flash of lightning across her cheek that was his fist connecting with her cheek bone. No slaps for Tyler, he went for a closed fist. She fell to the floor and managed not to pass out, but it might have been better if she had. Before she could recover enough to protect herself, he was on her, his hands fisted in her hair. He screamed incoherent curses at her, calling her adulteress and worse. He slammed her head against the floor repeatedly, and she was later told that the only thing that stopped him from cracking her head open was the thick carpet in the entry hall.

When she regained consciousness, she was still sprawled in the foyer, her body a mass of aches and pains. It hurt to breathe, move, even think. Fearing for her life, not knowing where he was, she left the house and went to the hospital. The police were called, Tyler was picked up and arrested, but Tyler Cole was rich and had connections in Orlando, where they lived. He was let out on a technicality.

Then it got worse.

Emma blocked out her thoughts.  All the thoughts did was feed her fear, and she didn’t need that right now. She needed to concentrate, figure out what she was going to do when she got where she was going. Usually a self-confident person, the years of mental anguish and physical terror had preyed upon her self esteem until it lay in tatters at her feet, and the first part of what she needed to do was concentrate on building back that self-confidence.

Well, she had been confident before, she would be again.


She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m taking over her blog. Who am I? I’m Teagan Callahan, pleased to meet you! If you don’t know who I am, I’m the woman that Teresa is currently writing about in Magick. I’m new to this blogging thing, so cut me some slack, please. I saw some of her posts, and I figured it’s just a place to talk about yourself and put it out in the blogosphere…bloggersphere….whatever.

So about me: I’m a witch, and I am secretly in love with a sorcerer (which, if you tell anyone, I will turn you into a toad. Okay, maybe not a toad, but I can make you bray like a donkey. Okay, not even that. Just don’t say anything, ok?), and in my world, that’s a big no-no. My best friend Harley likes him in a purely platonic way (she has the hots for Damien, who’s a werewolf and hiding something. Obviously, it’s not the fact that he’s a werewolf), so I guess it’s not all bad, but I always thought sorcerers were douchebags of the highest order. They think their sh…their feces don’t stink and are so arrogant that I want to gag.

But Noah…Noah is something else. He’s cocky, or confident, I haven’t decided which yet, but I know he’s under my skin. Which I never let happen. And I don’t know how to feel about it. He makes me feel things I’ve never felt before, and I don’t care how cliche that sounds, it’s true. It makes me…squirmy. Uncomfortable, but in a good way. I think. Gah! We got off to a VERY rocky start, arguing all the time, bouncing insults off each other like we were tennis rackets and our words were the ball…but man, under the frustration and annoyance, he made me feel alive! And then…he kissed me. Just laid one on me, and I melted. I held it together physically, but inside I was a hot mess…

Aw crap, I hear her coming. Gotta go, peace!



Friends till the end

I definitely wanted Anna to have good friends that she could count on, but wanted to show her as someone who was solitary at first. She had a rough childhood, and threw herself into studying, so she didn’t have time for outside friendships.

Even before she meets Harley and Teagan, she tries to do everything herself, and only meets them because of her research into who Gareth is. When she meets them, she has that feeling of welcoming that only comes when you meet a kindred spirit.

I believe very much in friendship loyalty. I wanted the three women to believe in the same. Friendship shouldn’t be thrown away, or tossed aside easily, which unfortunately happens way too often these days.

In the world of Eternity, the three women would do anything for each other, including battling a menacing vampire. Harley and Teagan don’t hesitate to jump into the fray with their new friend, and Anna opens herself up to the possibility that non-blood family exists after all.