Sent off three chapters today, so that’s exciting 🙂 I admit, this one is going slowly, probably because it’s a transition book. I’ve never written a transition story before, so I haven’t *quite* gotten down the nuances and the flow of it. Plus, I want to make sure that it’s the best that I can write, and not just put out sub-standard fair, which the last manuscript WAS.

I just wanted to drop a line, give ya’ll updates, let you know that I’m still plugging away at Magick! Oh, there is so much more I know I wanted to say, but I totally forgot what it was. Something wise and motivational, but for the life of me, I can’t recall it. Oh, the vagaries of getting older!


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Bad news- Magick won’t be released on December 17th unless my editor can work miracles. After a month of strep-throat, bronchitis, Thanksgiving, and an upper-respiratory infection that wouldn’t go away (the whole frickin house was sick…), I managed to squeek through the last 10K words on Magick, but it is going to take heavy revisions. I followed that old addage of “it doesn’t matter what you write, just write”. Eh, that’s a double-edged sword. I don’t really like where the story went, but as we all know, characters and flow have a way of taking on a life of their own. I will have to see what my editor says.

walking-dead-internment-zombieWhat my house looked like after a month of illness

Good news- Magick is finished- at least until the red pen comes back. I’m hoping it will only be delayed a month (fingers crossed!). In the meantime, I’m starting to read it today so I can try to anticipate what my editor comes back with and be pro-active! As much as anyone can be pro-active through a Nyquil hangover. Anyway, I digress. I have a month of light work ahead of me, so that’s plenty of time to get Magick polished and off for publishing. Then it’s on to Solstice, Harley and Damien’s story, and that’s going to be a doosie! Stayed tuned for updates! And maybe some little tidbits 🙂

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Choices casting call!

I love movies. I used to work in a movie theater (actually, MANY movie theater’s, just not all at once) just so I can see movies for free. I have a ridiculously large DVD collection, and I can’t answer the question: what is your favorite movie.

So, I tend to visualize actor’s when I’m writing and place them in the part of my characters. Not that I base the character on the actor, but the actor on the character. Today, in honor of it being FREE on Amazon, I bring you my cast for Choices!

Logan MacKinnon


Abby Jennings-Stanford


Ben Frazier


Kassey Frazier


Jake Johnson


Stephen Stanford


Disagree with any of my choices (pun totally intended)? Absolutely love one? Let me know! If you haven’t read Choices, you can get a FREE Kindle version today only at Amazon! Enjoy!

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Big Sky Country

In honor of Choices being offered free tomorrow on Amazon, I thought I would entertain you with the places that share the story with the characters 🙂

Tomorrow, I’ll bring you the “cast” of Choices-at least in my mind!

Abby’s Cabin


Logan’s ranch house


The view


Their first ride…


The Valentine’s Day Dance


Just some goofiness to liven up the day 🙂


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It all began…(spoilers)

So, I had my vampire, but I needed his mate. What kind of woman would attract a vampire? Quirky ingenue? Brunette bombshell? Nah, not my girl. I wanted a brainy, independent loner who was absorbed by her career. A woman who had no need for male companionship.  A woman consumed by finding an answer.

Gareth was already working on XP in my mind, so I thought to myself that this was the best way to bring them together. Through research. But why was Anna searching so hard for a cure for XP? Because her mother had XP and died from it. And then other tragic things happened. I don’t want to give it all away…

Anna is young, she’s self-sufficient, but she is essentially a hermit. She has no friends, by her own choice, she doesn’t have long-lasting relationships, and she never opens herself up to experiences. She loves the lab, loves the research, and loves the act of discovery, although she has no desire for the spotlight.

She’s pretty much isolated herself, so the thing that breaks her out of that shell had to be pretty amazing. Especially since she wasn’t looking to move out of her comfort zone. To me, only love and instant attraction can burst that bubble!

I hope you enjoy Gareth and Anna’s story, because they are wonderful people to get to know! More on the rest of the trilogy later…

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Buy Eternity by following the link below!

Dear Voices,

Dear Voices in my head,

I understand that you are trying to get me to tell your story, and I’m sure they are very compelling stories, but I have way too many characters ahead of you, so I have to put up the No Vacancy sign in my head and ask you kindly to wait for your turn. Teagan, Noah, Harley, Damien are up first, and then Emma, Jack, Grey, and Declan come next. I’ll let you know as soon as there is room available. Thank you for understanding.

Warmest regards,


Eternity Synopsis




Can you imagine being a little girl that could speak to the dead, and have no one to rely on? Can you imagine that little girl growing up and going through life trying to block out all the fantastic things she can see and instead focus her life on the logical, the scientific?

Now imagine that little girl as a young woman with a career, a stable life that suits her just fine, a closely guarded heart, when one day she meets someone that completely turns that comfortable life inside out.

That life belongs to Anna Greer, a brilliant microbiologist who’d been working for Macgregor Pharmaceuticals for a little over six months when she finally meets Gareth Macgregor, the enigmatic owner of one of the few privately held pharmaceutical companies in the nation.

Anna finds herself unusually drawn to Gareth, his spectacular looks not the only thing that draws her to him. At first, it’s the feeling of recognition in his unusual eyes that sparks her curiosity, then he shows up in her dreams that night, a phantom wish that may not be a phantom at all.

Disturb, but curiously intrigued, Anna returns to work the next day, hoping to catch another glimpse of Gareth, to see if the draw is still there, but although he doesn’t show up in person, another strange encounter leaves her even more curious about her absentee employer.

That night, Anna decides to stop into the local pub, something that is uncharacteristic for her. At first, the pub seems empty, but a commotion in the back room catches her attention. Gareth is there, and she tries to leave before he sees her. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, Gareth does notice her and he catches her before she can leave. After a brief exchange that leaves her feeling miserable, she escapes, only to have Gareth visit her again that night, but is he really visiting her, or is it a dream again?

In the morning, in the bright light of day, she finds herself bereft, and positive that his visits were no dream. For a woman who had vowed never to let her heart be hurt again, this is a strange feeling for her and one she doesn’t understand at all.

She decides to find out more about the elusive Gareth Macgregor. Her search begins with the internet, but when that only turns up information more mysterious than the man himself, she heads to the library to delve into local archives for answers.

When those leave her shaking her head in confusion and frustration, a helpful librarian sends her to Written, a local bookstore with a reputation for eccentric inventory and even more unusual proprietors.

What she finds there, and with the friends she makes, Gareth’s true identity is revealed. She also learns something about herself that brings her childhood crashing back on her.

Something else is revealed to her. She’s being watched, and not just by Gareth.

When Gareth finds her missing from her home, he comes to Written looking for her. When Anna sees him, all her defenses come down. No matter that he’s a vampire, no matter that she had vowed never to fall in love. The sight of him standing there, looking disheveled and worried, brings her the realization that he is what she had been waiting for her entire life.

Gareth has spent centuries alone, grieving over a loss in his former life and living with the curse of being a vampire. In Anna, he finds his salvation and hope for a future that had previously been bleak and inhospitable.

Together, although with a little difficulty from Anna’s independent streak and Gareth’s old-fashioned notions of protection, they work to find what Gareth has been trying for centuries to develop— a cure for vampirism. But there is something—someone—that doesn’t want them to find it; Padraigan, Gareth’s sire and immortal enemy.

Now, they are in a race for their very existence, as Padraigan hunts them at every turn. With help from new friends and a reluctant enemy-turned-ally that has his own issues with Padraigan, they fight to stay alive and look for the elusive cure.

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