Me and links and stuff

Welcome to my blog, everyone! I’ll give you a little background on myself, though there’s not much to say 🙂

I come from a big, Italian family, complete with siblings and cousins and lots of pasta and yelling. I’m the baby of the family, with a sister and two brothers that were tortured by my presence on a daily basis. I owe them big time, and bow to them for their infinite patience!

I’m married to the love of my life and have a completely awesome step-son (the kind every stepmother wishes for!). I’m just your average woman, slightly skewed, but whole for the most part. I have a really bawdy sense of humor and can curse like a sailor! Some of my favorite things in the world are movies (romance and action being the top two favs), music, reading, writing (obviously) and…well…okay, I’ll admit it; I LOVE video games. I can play them all day long, but I try not to. Honestly, I can quit anytime. No, really, I swear.

Another thing about me, I’m a geek. Yep, a geek. Define it as you will, but if its Sci-fi, fantasy, or straight-up comic books, I’m there. I’ve been to Trekkie conventions and am not afraid to admit it. Dressed up as Darth Vader for Halloween? Done it (I didn’t look good in Leia’s bikini). Worn the red Ensign shirt (with a cute skirt) from Star Trek ? I did, AND lived to tell about it. X-Men, Batman, Justice League, Avengers, Iron Man…yeah, I’ll stop now before I put you to sleep.

You can find me and more about my books on or you can purchase Eternity directly from Amazon, Smashwords, and Createspace!


One thought on “Me and links and stuff

  1. Hi Teresa – I have just come across the message that you sent to me via World Literary CafĂ© asking for a review. I don’t check that account very often sorry!. If you are still interested in a review please send an E copy to

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