Frustrations and positivity

I know. Those two don’t go together very well. And its frustrating on both sides of the fence; readers want the next book in the trilogy and I want to publish it. Magick has been read by two editors, and both have made the same suggestions to make it better. When the first editor read it, and made the suggestions, I was a little indignant and wanted a second opinion. So I sent it out to another editor. And my best friend. The other editor came back with almost identical suggestions, and my best friend was succint: it’s not your best work. That’s why she’s my best friend. So I am currently rewriting the entire second half of the book. I admit, I got caught up in all the fun and exciting aspects of writing and publishing, getting good reviews, and I rushed Magick. Eternity had 8 drafts before it was published. Choices had 7. Magick had 2 complete drafts. Not a recipe for an excellent book.

On to the positive part! You can be assured that once Magick is published, it will be worthy of your time, and not just thrown together to get it out there. I’m sorry if I am taking a long time to do this; remember, I am not a full-time writer-I have a full-time job, a son, a husband, go to school, and run a household, so I write about 10 hours a week if I’m lucky. I promise you though, Magick will be awesome and well worth the wait 🙂 Teagan wants you to read her story, and she is quite persistent!



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