I need your opinion!

So, I’ve been REALLY busy. I mean, REALLY REALLY busy. I get up at 5 (or maybe 6 if I hit snooze enough times), get my son out of bed, walk the dog, throw breakfast together, then I’m out the door for work. I get home around 5-ish, make dinner, check homework, kiss hubby…sounds like a normal day, right? For a lot of women, it IS a normal day. Not so me. After I kiss the hubby and hug the son, I’m either out the door to do school work, or I’m out the door to find a place to write or promote (which I haven’t been doing so that I could just write). 6 days a week. On Sunday, I don’t rest; that’s when I’m washing clothes, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, etc etc ad nauseum. I DID choose this life for myself, that is true, but now I am exhausted. I have to give up something.

I am NOT giving up writing. I refuse!

I also don’t want to give up school; it’s a dream of mine to finally finish my college education. That just leaves the full-time job, because I obviously can’t give up my husband and son! So, I’m going to submit Magick on Pubslush, a crowdfunding platform for authors. No, I am not soliciting donations (although I wouldn’t turn them down!) but I need to build my profile on there before I can start my campaign, which will hopefully lead to enough money that I can take 6-8 months off work so that I can devote a full 8 hours a day to writing, and maybe get some down-time to boot.  One of the things that I need is 3 images that represent Magick, the book. Now, I know that no one has read Magick, but if you read Eternity, then you definitely know the characters in Magick-Teagan and Noah- and I need images that best describe them. I’ve been scouring Google for hours now, giving up precious writing time, and I just can’t find anything that I am happy with.

This is where YOU come in. Send me images you think would represent Magick, and if I pick your images, you will receive an advanced copy of Magick before it gets published! You can either send me a link in the comment section below, or drop me an email at author@teresafederici.com. I can’t wait to hear from you and see all the images that you’ll pick! Good luck! Okay, I’m off to write some more before bedtime.


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