Moving along…

Well, work on Magick has been going well, but life has reared its ugly head again, as it’s wont to do! Back to school shopping, mother-in-law visit, kitchen cabinet install, and a wicked final paper due in my Criminal Justice class have taken up all my time in the past week, so Magick hasn’t had a visit from me in TWO days! ARGH. Also, Eternity is going to be on audiobook, so I had to audition voice actresses and am VERY happy to announce that I found one! Her reading of the Prologue gave me goosebumps!

I just noticed that I’m using a lot of exclamation points, so forgive me. I’m just a wee bit excited.


Have no fear though, I will be back to working on Magick within the next week or so, and hopefully still be on track for a mid-December release, which is when I’m planning on releasing Eternity on audiobook. Stay tuned for updates!


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