Location, location, location

Power of place is a theme for me. From the town my character lives in to the houses and buildings they inhabit, I’ve got a story about them all. I even go so far as to research and pick out just the right house! Literally, I will pull up Zillow or Realtor.com (back in the day) and will only look in the town (and in some cases neighborhood) where my characters live and work, and will pick the place closest to what I imagine. I have one story that I am working on that I found the houses BEFORE I even did my character bios. Silly, I know but who can account for us authors? Below I bring you the peripheral characters in Eternity; the real estate!

1) Gareth’s house


2) Gareth’s Lighthouse


3) Anna’s house


4) MacGregor Pharmaceuticals


5) Written

Queen Anne style house 2

6) Noah’s house


7) Damien’s house


8) Padraigan’s lair (house seemed too mild a word for him)



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