The curious case of the dueling authors

Crazy, busy day for me today-schoolwork, storyboarding, plot building, videos for a crowdfunding site (I’m a struggling author, will write for food), and hair dying-so actual writing won’t commence until tomorrow. I have a big goal to meet, but I can do it.

Did I mention that my husband is a writer as well? To be frank, the man is amazing. His stories are unique, with a slick edge to them, and I’m thrilled that I finally dragged him kicking and screaming into the writing world. He likes to refer to George McFly when someone asks him why he hasn’t tried to publish, “I don’t like anyone to read my stories. I’m terrified of rejection.”. Of course, I am completely paraphrasing, since I haven’t watched Back to the Future in a few years, but you get the idea.

Where does the dueling come in? I’m a Leo and he is a Gemini. We both need to be the center of attention! He needs my undivided attention, and I need his (man/woman, Leo/Gemini, same thing) so when we’re in the same room together, almost no writing gets done between us, because we’re both constantly helping each other out and demanding the others attention! Oy!

It should be interesting to see who gets to be the best-selling author first. My money is on my hunnie. He may be coming in late in the game, but his writing is solid, and his book idea is AMAZING. Especially if you’re a Lovecraft/adventurer fan. Take a peek at his blurb, and tell us what you think!

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