CLIMBING THE MOUNTAIN … because its there!

Words of wisdom, and an excellent post!

Jay Squires' Septuagenarian Journey


End of 1st Day Stats

high peak winning 


This is the first Stats Blog for my promotion.  I feel the need to stall for a moment.  Of course you will forgive me:

You know …  there is a story behind the title of my short story collection, just as I’m sure there’s a story behind your book’s title.  I am interested in the genesis of things like that, how the original thought came to you, how and why it was modified.  Many times, just as it is with the germ of a story, what you end up with bears little relation to the idea with which you started.

The title for my book started with a false assumption.  You see, I always thought The Greatest Story Ever Told wasStory the Greatest synonymous with TheBible .  I thought that title existed, as a kind of subtitle, alongside the…

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