Lost in a sea of promotion

So, I’ve been published almost three years now (Eternity) and self-published for a few months (Choices) and I have to say…I’m torn. I write because I need to breathe. I love writing, I want to make it my career and living, but I find that I don’t make the money at it that would lead me to make it my career. I know these things take time, but I feel sometimes that I am not doing the whole self-promotion correctly. So should I keep at it, or devote more time to writing? Hence my torn status…

Don’t get me wrong- I love meeting all kinds of new people, and making new friends (Amanda Trickey is amazing, btw. You should follow her on Twitter), and that’s all well and good, but I really do feel like I’m hitting a brick wall. Am I being too impatient? Maybe. Are my books just not that good? I don’t *think* that’s it, but it could be. Do I not have the time to invest in self-promotion? Most definitely.


   Time management at its best. Laziness too…

I think that self-promotion takes an immense amount of time for it to work. You have to tweet, post, blog, swap author interviews, chat up people on forums (find the right forums too), and Put.Yourself.Out.There. I have a full-time job (7 AM to 5 PM), a bachelor’s degree to obtain (five nights a week of school work), and a 15-year old to raise (along with a husband. That job is 24/7), so I don’t have a ton of time to put myself out there. Most of what I do is on my lunch break at work, or after I finish school work, which amounts to roughly 2 hours of promoting. A full day of promotion, however, takes roughly 5-6 hours, to be done successfully. What’s a woman to do?

If someone has suggestions, I would love to hear them. I’m enjoying this ride, loving what I’m doing, but stress-cracks are starting to show. I’m only writing about a page a day, when I used to write 10-12. Writer’s block strikes more often. My habit of making lists is getting kind of scary and my Outlook calender is filled with tasks every ten minutes. I’m not giving up hope-far from it! Everyday, I’m more excited than the next about this journey that I’m on, but it would be kinda nice to streamline it and make it more successful!

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4 thoughts on “Lost in a sea of promotion

  1. Priorities, you got ’em. We all do. But you have to love what you’re doing too, it sounds like you enjoyed writing as a hobby and now that it (or it’s subsequent chores) has become a job it’s lost some of it’s spark. Gotta listen to your heart.

  2. Teresa, you are a beautiful person! I doubt there is a writer out there — or painter or sculptor, any creator — who doesn’t question his or her own ability. I can tell from the flow of your post that you have what it takes: you draw the reader in and entertain while you instruct. Promoting? You just gotta do what you gotta do in as much time as you have to do it. You have children. Are they old enough to understand what you are looking for in followers on Twitter? Is there a reason they can’t “follow” for you? You need as many followers and FB friends as you can get. Really cultivate relationships with them. If you read my today’s blog post (you followed me today), you’d find a reference and a link to Cheryl Kaye Tardif’s excellent book about promoting your Kindle books. Work with the time you have and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!!!! Bless you, Teresa.


    • Jay, thank you SO MUCH for those awesome and inspiring words! I did read your post today, and I will link over to Ms Tardif’s book, because I need all the resources I can gather! I love the place I am in today, even with the chaos that it brings. I just need to hire a scheduler! Thanks again Jay, your words really helped me 🙂

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