Saturday morning…remodeling

Big, jam-packed day today. Gardening, washing clothes, cleaning house, editing and writing Magick, and…IKEA. Yay! I get to shop for a new kitchen! But what a pain in the ass that’s going to be! Anyone else gone through the horror of a remodel? Oy.

We had bought a house, back when we lived in Arkansas, and although it was a cute little house, it definitely needed updating. My ex-husband, whom I was married to at the time, thought of himself as a handyman and was VERY VERY frugal, so the idea of actually hiring someone to do the work was out of the question. We need these things done: new flooring in almost every room, a wall taken down, and french doors put in where a sad little blue door led to the front porch.

house 006remoldeling dale 022house and deer 006remoldeling dale 026


The new tile and hardwood went down…with a few hitches. Large grout lines and bowed up wood in the corners were conveniently overlooked. I almost wanted to kill him when he just shrugged off the imperfections. Colors were good though. Then it came time for the wall to come down and the front wall to be cut out to accommodate the new double french door.

Did I mention that my ex-husband was a procrastinator? I live with drywall dust and plastic covering a big hole in the front wall of our house for a month. A MONTH. Thankfully, we lived so far out in the country that burglars wouldn’t have even bothered to come out that far, but foxes, coyotes, and raccoon’s visited on a regular basis.

When it was finally finished, I liked the result, as long as I didn’t look into corners, but I swore I would never do another remodel again.

remoldeling dale 023        DSCF0524        DSCF0526

However, my husband now, the love of my life, my reason for breathing every day, is a firm believer in hiring someone else to do the dirty work. THANK YOU HIGHER POWER!


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