Decisions, Decisions…

So, I haven’t had time to write lately. I know, I know…bad Teresa. However, I have very good reasons, and one that can be attributed to my massive indecision issue that I carry around with me. One, work has been insane, with the additions of fresh-faced freshman interns that I have to look after. Two, school has been insane, with TWO discussions and TWO papers to write…I used to like World Geography until it became political and more sociology-like than geography-like. Three, I’ve been promoting Eternity and Choices. Especially Choices, since it’s FREE right now on Amazon, until Friday. So I’ve been busting my boongies doing that.

The other reason, the one having to do with my indecision, is….I just don’t know what book to work on! I need to work on Magick, since it’s book two of the trilogy, but I want to work on my other book too. AND I have a new story that is clamoring to be told, banging around in my head. Le sigh. What’s a girl to do? Anyone have any thoughts?

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