Something I was playing with

I am a fan of not only the supernatural, but of Supernatural, the TV show. Not that I have time to watch it (I’m usually a season behind, so no season 8 spoilers please!), but I’ve always loved the idea of monster hunters. I’ve given you a taste of one such book that I’m working on, but here is another. I only have the Prologue done, but I’m happy with it so far. I hope you enjoy it!


    When I was just a little girl, the dead spoke to me.  I would hear their whispers in the dark, susurrus exhalations that comforted more than frightened me. Most little girls would be frightened, crying out for their mothers or fathers to come comfort them in the dark, to banish it with light. Not so my childhood. There were other things in the dark that needed banishing.

When I was ten, I learned the lesson that I was not of the norm among my peers. It was a hard lesson to learn, because as a ten-year-old, I just wanted to fit in at whatever school I was attending. It became obvious to me, however, that other children couldn’t, nor wanted to, hear the voices from those long passed.  Nor did other children move around like I did, or have a father who left me alone for hours, sometimes days, at a time.

When I was 16, my world changed, and so much of the unusual in my life was explained. I didn’t know that the morning I opened my father’s suitcase was the morning my life would change, that the denizens of the dark held so long at bay by my father would come for me, in order to get to him. I never knew until that morning how much of a wanted man my father was, and why I thought nothing of the protection ritual my father would perform in every new place that we stayed.

I never knew, until that seemingly insignificant moment where I opened his suitcase to pull out a warm shirt, what our family was. We’re the hidden soldiers that fight for human kind, against creatures and beings most people would never comprehend. We’re hunters.

Copyright 2013 Teresa Federici


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