Location, Location, Location!

They say that authors should write what you know, but when you write paranormal romances, it’s extremely hard to write what you know. If there is a woman out there in the world who was romanced by a vampire/werewolf/faerie/alien/god, then she really needs to step forward and let us know all the excellent details. That being said, the one thing that a writer of paranormal romance CAN write and know about is, location.

Granted, some writers create new worlds (thereby ruining my lesson. Bastards.) but for most of us, we are relegated to setting our stories in our home towns or places that we’ve visited. New Hampshire, although not my home state, is a state well-known to me- my sister has lived there for the past 20+ years, and I’ve visited often, so I knew the basic lay of the land. Hence why I set Eternity in New Hampshire. Plus, it just seemed like the kind of place a multi-millionaire vampire would hide his identity.


Choices, the novel I just had published, is set in Montana. A place that I have visited, and where my soul resides. Well. My soul resides in two other places in addition to Montana. Maybe I’m secretly Voldemort and don’t know it…no. That can’t be it, I actually have a nose and prefer to wear shoes in graveyards. Anyhow, I adore Montana. I’m spiritual, but not religious (sorry if I’m offending anyone!), but when you first get to Montana/Wyoming, you really can feel that there is a higher power at work-it’s just stunning.

Scotland is the other place that my soul resides. I think though, it’s a past life thing. I just *feel* that I belong there. No clue why. I’m not in any way, shape, or form Scottish- not even close! My family all hail from Italy (as if you couldn’t guess that!), so I can’t even fathom why I feel such an attachment to a place I’ve never even been to. I PLAN on going, but who knows when that’ll happen?

Tennessee is another place you will see my books being set. I lived there for a few years, and I miss it so much. I felt like I was home when I moved there, and it killed me to leave. I have two books that I am in the early stages of that will be set there, and whenever I work on them, I want to tell my husband to get over his fear of the country and just move there. But no, he wants to move to Portland, Maine. And I am OK with that. I AM. I love Maine too. Wow. I just need to become really rich so that I can live in four different places.

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