Movin’ on up!

I sold a print book!! YAY! And someone donated to my fund! YAY! It’s been a great day! Friday is ALWAYS a good day, but I have a great weekend planned ahead of me, and now I have something to celebrate! I have to puppy-sit this weekend (two puppies, actually) and I’ll use that time to work on Magick and another book that I’m going to submit to Harlequin. Let me tell you, because I have to actually promote Eternity myself, and on the cheap right now (meaning free), it’s taking up ALL MY WRITING TIME!!

Not that I don’t love the promotional aspects of doing this, but I want time to work on my actually writing. Not complaining, don’t get me wrong, but I gave myself a deadline and I want to meet it.  That being said, I’m so very excited!! This is a total dream come true, and I hope and prayer that I am given the opportunity to devote myself full-time to writing. I have to try to think about my literary heroes and their humble beginnings: Stephen King, who wrote Carrie after he came home at night from his job in a dry-cleaners, and Nora Roberts, a stay-at-home mother.

You know my biggest issue is? I’m so flippin’ impatient. I’m not writing for the wrong reasons: fame and fortune are not part of it. Fortune would be nice, and I won’t turn my nose up to it, but the only thing that money would give me is the ability to write MORE. I hate putting my writing on the back burner to a 50-hr a week job…le sigh. Again, NOT complaining! I’m happy with my life and where its going right now 🙂


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