The Men…


I am a hot-blooded American woman with an appreciation of the male form. No man is better than my husband, but there are some pretty good specimen’s out there. The men in my books live up to those standards. No, I am not a shallow individual, and actually believe that it’s not just the physical form that should be attractive, but the personality and attitude as well.

Gareth is the embodiment of, well…my husband, for the most part. I really hope that doesn’t spoil the book for you, but its true. In an earlier post, I pointed out that the characters that author’s create are all based on someone they know, and in Gareth’s case, that’s my husband. He’s not a tall, mysterious vampire, but pretty much everything else is similar. My husband is more of a big kid than Gareth is, however.

Noah and Damien…they’re the guys who I used to date. Noah is the cocky (not in a bad way) smart-ass who has a heart of gold and feelings to match, and Damien is the tortured loner who’s just looking for some peace in his life. Gareth and Damien are similar, however Gareth is in the public eye, and not bothered by it. Damien chooses to be alone, and is uncomfortable having the attention on him.

I really can’t wait to finish Magick, and get to Blood Moon, so that you all can immerse yourself in these wonderful, intriguing men. They’re great guys, if I do say so myself 🙂


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