Friends till the end

I definitely wanted Anna to have good friends that she could count on, but wanted to show her as someone who was solitary at first. She had a rough childhood, and threw herself into studying, so she didn’t have time for outside friendships.

Even before she meets Harley and Teagan, she tries to do everything herself, and only meets them because of her research into who Gareth is. When she meets them, she has that feeling of welcoming that only comes when you meet a kindred spirit.

I believe very much in friendship loyalty. I wanted the three women to believe in the same. Friendship shouldn’t be thrown away, or tossed aside easily, which unfortunately happens way too often these days.

In the world of Eternity, the three women would do anything for each other, including battling a menacing vampire. Harley and Teagan don’t hesitate to jump into the fray with their new friend, and Anna opens herself up to the possibility that non-blood family exists after all.



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