Gareth: the anti-Edward

When I was deep into character development for Eternity, I knew that it would be part of a trilogy. I didn’t plan much beyond that, to be perfectly honest, but I had six well-developed characters that I wanted to write about: Gareth, Anna, Teagan, Noah, Harley, and Damien. I hadn’t even thought of an antagonist at that point, or where they lived, or what they did for a living or for fun-nada. I just had these three couples that wanted their story told.

Vampires have always been my “thing”, loooong before Edward Cullen showed up in all his sparkling glory. I was a Kiefer Sutherland vampire fan, a Salem’s Lot vampire fan, and I’ve been mildly obsessed with them since I was 11. I wanted Gareth to be a mixture of honorable Scottish Highlander, anti-hero vampire, and predator. I think that he ended up being all three, in varying degrees. I also thought of him being a geneticist, because he is, after all, a tortured vampire and who else can figure out how to reverse vampirism?

Gareth’s background literally came to me in a song. I was driving home from work, and back then I had a REALLY long drive home, almost an hour and a half. Plenty of time to listen to music and take in the Arkansas countryside (back when I used to live there). I was listening to a song by Nickel Creek called The Lighthouse’s Tale, which is basically a story about a lighthouse keeper who lost his love and killed himself. Tragic, but beautiful song. A light bulb went off in my head, and I knew all about Gareth’s background.

Character’s and plot lines come from anywhere and everywhere, the key is to listen. When you get that spark, write it down. And trust me, there is a difference between a spark and a fizzle!

PS. I have absolutely nothing against Stephenie Meyer or her vampires. I was a RABID Twilight fan, and still am to this day. I’m an equal-opportunity vampire lover.


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