He was my idea first…

When I was writing Padraigan’s character, I envisioned a long-haired Michael Sheen…in a time BEFORE he was cast as Aro in New Moon. Can’t you see him saying something like this?:

He glanced disdainfully at me, stopping his pacing.

“Do you love him that much?” he sneered, moving to crouch in front of me again.

“What does it matter?” I muttered, attempting to straighten myself once more. The pain was almost incapacitating, but I did it, pressing my back into the wall behind me.

“Oh it matters greatly. How much you love him is in direct connection with how much pain you’ll handle before giving me what I want.”

“Since I already told you I would rather die than hand him over to you, it’s a moot point.” I answered with as much strength as I could muster.

“Oh no, you won’t die. I can keep you alive for quite a long time, writhing in pain and agony.”


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