I’m terrible!

I clearly have no head for time management skills. I think I do, but that’s just denial talking. Between full-time non-writing work, and then school at night, and fitting in sleeping, writing, and bathing in between, I have no time for blogging, Twittering, or Facebooking. In addition, I’ve added a Tumblr and Foursquare account, and I can’t keep them up either. Oy. I DEFINITELY do not have time in the day for it, but I want to come on here and dish a little! Oh, did I mention that I have to manage two other blogs? Yeah.

The only thing I “waste” time on is my Walking Dead obsession. Which I probably shouldn’t because work is sllloooooow on the four books. Like, snails caught in molasses slow. I know, I know…I have a few fans, and they want the next book. I’m so sorry about that! Spread the word how much you love the book, so I can make enough money to quit the full time job and stay home and write all day long! Hahaha! Well…it’s not that funny 🙂

So, I just wanted to drop in, say hi, and let everyone know what’s going on. Talk to you soon!


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