Crazy night, strange morning…

So my friend Heather came over last night, to help with some promo stuff for Eternity. We had a ball, AND managed to get some work done. In between much laughter via posts through FB, where even Tommy chimed in, we managed to gather 20 quotes from the book for promo purposes. Yes, we were posting to Heather’s wall even though we were sitting in the same room together, lol. We text each other when we’re in the same room too.

Then…well, I didn’t get much sleep. I should have been knocked out flat, but I wasn’t. I was concerned about someone, which kept me up all night, then found out that, hey, maybe I shouldn’t be concerned. Sometimes, you’re just not appreciated no matter what you do, lol!! Not that its personal, but I hate generalizations!

So now, I’m trying to wake up for a ten hour day at work (yuck!), and I’m just not feeling it. I would so much rather stay home and work on the promo materials for Eternity, and get crackin on Magick and Blood Moon. Must push through, must persevere!


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