Lazy day…NOT

I was bad…I didn’t blog this morning. Seriously though, I had just woken up, and I really wasn’t doing much of anything exciting. Nothing to report, nothing to write home to the Internet about. Tonight though, my FL best friend is coming over, so we can pour over 400 pages of manuscript and pick out 30-40 quotes from Eternity, so that I can post them on Twitter.

I’m trying to decide though; should I flood Twitter with all of them at once? Or just do a sort of Thirty Days of Eternity, and tease with a quote-a-day? Decisions, decisions…these are the things that weigh heavily on my mind. Not really, no. Ever since the “Surprise! You have two days till your release date” and then the subsequent “Wait, no, it’s NEXT Thursday, Thanksgiving day”, I have decided to just absolutely enjoy this, and not get my panties in a wad, or a bee in my bonnet (insert appropriate cliche here), and flow. I stress enough about the day job; I should be enjoying this!


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