What a long, strange trip…

Well, if you’re a Grateful Dead fan, you know the rest. Two years ago now, I had an idea for a novel. This was not new to me, I’d always been a writer. I think I was born one. I’ve written for as long as I could read, and my mother used to joke that the pen hurt more than my big head when she brought me into the world. I started writing one-page stories when I was around ten, shortly after my father passed away. You could imagine that they were usually about him not being gone. Once someone put the first romance novel into my hand, well…I starting writing about love; love consumed me. That first romance was “The Bride” from Julie Garwood, and the second one was a Silhouette by Nora Roberts, have you heard of her? I’m sure that you have! Nora has been my inspiration since I was thirteen years old, and lets just say that was a long time ago.

Now, love has not always been kind to me, as its not for most of us, but I’ve always found comfort in the crafting of a love story. I believe in love, and have massively high hopes for it, lately to the point of ridiculousness. When I listen to the people in my head (what’s that? No, I’m not schizophrenic, I just have a small city of denizens in my mind), they tell me their stories, and I am most interested to listen to them. Some are very exciting, some are mellow, some…well, frankly I would have to take a year off of work to write about those. And maybe get some therapy in the process 🙂

I invite you, faithful friend, to enjoy this journey with me, and let me take you places that maybe you’ve never been. Some places may be a little dark, a little scary, but the ride…the ride will be awesome!


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