Thursday, November 18, 2010…

It’s the release date!! YAHOO!!! It’s here, it’s finally here!!!! Okay, you’ve had enough of exclamation points…nah!!!! I’m beyond thrilled, beyond ecstatic, beyond…well, what else is there?

I find myself, parked at the computer, contemplating the universe. No, not really. I am, however, contemplating how this is going to change my life. I could hope for fame and fortune, but truthfully, I’d be really uncomfortable with fame and fortune will come in time. Hopefully. What I’m hoping, what change I’m hoping that this will bring about, is a dogged perseverance in me that will push me to publish my other novels. Considering that Eternity is the first novel in what is actually a trilogy, I need that extra oompf to my confidence.

Besides Anna and Gareth’s story in Eternity, I also have four other characters from Eternity that need their story told. Teagan and Noah in the second book, and Harley and Damien from the third. I can’t bear to leave Anna and Gareth behind now that their story is being told, so they are also in books two and three. All six of the characters, of these people, I have come to love, and I hope that you will come to love them too.



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