Eternity, and the road thus far…

As I said in my previous post, two years ago I had another idea for a novel. I was in New Hampshire, visiting my sister-hi sis!- and I had this scene pop into my head. It was a woman lying in bed with a guy, who was obviously a vampire-he was kind of pale-and he was “showing” her a scene from his past. I could just make out what they were saying to one another, and it seemed quite interesting. I had to know more. And I had to get to know them. She seemed so fragile, and yet a core of strength showed through, and he was, well he was hot, but didn’t seem like he was one of those guys that knew it.

Now, I promise you that I am a fully-functioning member of society, lol, with no psychological problems, but these people spoke to me. Her name was Anna, and he was Gareth. I started writing their story almost the minute I got off the plane back in Arkansas, where I lived at the time. Their story consumed me, and I wrote four hundred pages in a little less than a month. I had written plenty of novels before Anna and Gareth came along, but for some reason, I HAD to get their story out, I HAD to finally attempt to get a novel published, because they meant so much to me, and I wanted everyone to share their story.

I submitted the story to two publishers and an agent. I had heard all of the horror stories from other authors about how they had submitted their novels thirty times or more, and been rejected, so I really wasn’t hoping for a response. I was researching more publishers to send the novel off to, when I got an e-mail from the first publisher; rejected. “Sorry, it’s not what we’re looking for at this time” (in the time of Twilight, how is a vampire novel NOT what you’re looking for? You advertised it on your submissions page!) but for some strange reason, I was able to shrug it off (I don’t take rejection well AT ALL). About two days after that, and before I could send it off to more publishers, I got an e-mail from an editor at Red Rose Publishing. It wasn’t an outright rejection, but neither was it an acceptance; rather, it was a “We’re very interested in the book, but can you clean it up?” kind of thing. She gave me some suggestions, recommended some books to read, and invited me to resubmit to her after I had done these things. OMG! I was so excited!

I went to work. I tweaked here, adjusted there, and about a month later, sent it back into her and then tried to forget about it. About two weeks later, I got an e-mail from the editor, saying that she was too excited to wait until I got my official letter from Red Rose, and had to tell me that my novel was ACCEPTED!!! I did cartwheels, I danced the Happy Dance, I think I may have even danced on a tabletop. After shooting off what was most likely a totally incoherent, excessively effusive “thank you” e-mail (where I’m pretty sure I pledged my first-born child, or at least the naming rights, to her), I called everyone that I knew. I couldn’t believe it! The second publisher accepted it!

Therein lies the tale. Miracles and dreams can come true, crazy and cliche as it seems. I’ve worked with an excellent group of editors at Red Rose, most notably Kristy Bock and Sara Hermann, and they’ve all been so patient and awesome to this publishing newbie, and I can’t thank them enough. Wendi Felter, the mind behind Red Rose Publishing, forever has my endless gratitude for taking a chance on an unpublished author and making her dream come true.

Just a little note here, because I am a people pleaser and I don’t want to make people upset. As for the book dedication, if I didn’t mention you, its not because I don’t love you or think you smell, its because I know I’ll have more books published, and can thank you then, haha! Seriously, there wasn’t a rhyme to the reasoning, its just how my mind works. My sister Janine, my brothers Mark and Mike, and my best friend in the world Angie Rider (newly married, go Angie!!)-you all mean more to me than anything I could ever verbalize or put in a book dedication. Thank you so much for all of your support, your belief in me, and putting up with all my crap! You guys rock, and I love you all!!



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